Application maker for something interesting, located in Seoul, Korea.


Mobile Developer @ Ydea

2014.02 - Present

Built Android & iOS application that helps you to discover style products and can make your set from popular store.

Use: Android, iOS, Swift, Kotlin, Python

Developer & Maker @ BGBG Record

2010 - Present

BGBG Record is indie music label based on Seoul, planning gigs and producing albums and managing artists.

Set and maintained ticketing system and database. Analyzed social media data. Tried to apply new technology like payment system, mobile, music trends.

Use: Python, Flask, SQLAlchemy, Jinja, jQuery, CentOS, Apache

Front-end Developer @ Cafe24

2011.06 - 2013.03

Simplex Internet (a.k.a Cafe24) offers web hosting, server hosting, e-Commerce hosting and e-Commerce Marketing Consulting service.

Developed dynamic editor of e-commerce platform and front-end service.

Worked as alternative military service.

Use: jQuery, CSS3, PHP with own company frameworks, PostgreSQL

PHP Programmer @ Iyagi Inc

2010.02 - 2011.06

Iyagi Inc provides digital education systems for primary schoolchild and academic credit bank systems.

Made home schooling iPad application prototype. Maintained education systems.

Worked as alternative military service.

Use: PHP, HTML5, Javascript, Oracle, Woodwing Publishing Solution, Objective-C

Front-end Developer @ Peopletree Internet

2008.06 - 2010.01

Peopletree Internet is socal web 2.0 company, provide microblog like Tumblr.

Developed and maintained microblog front-end system as a main programmer.

Use: ExtJS, PHP, MySQL, Flex, ActionScript 3.0


Soongsil University

2006.03 - 2015.08

BA in Computer Science

Located in Seoul, Korea

Sekwang Highschool

2003.03 - 2006.02

Located in Chung-Ju, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea


  • Languages: Python, Swift, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, HTML, Java, ActionScript3.0, Processing
  • Web Frameworks: Flask, Jinja, Werkzeug, CodeIgniter
  • Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQLAlchemy
  • Web Server: Nginx, Apache
  • OS: Ubuntu, MacOSX, CentOS, Android, iOS
  • Tools:Vim, Sublime Text2, Mecurial, Git, Subversion

Other Activity

Founding Member of S.O.P.T


a IT venture students union club